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Ingrowing Toenails - What Treatments are there?

March 25, 20243 min read

Wondering about treatments for ingrown toenails

Wondering about treatments for ingrown toenails? Let's delve into it.

Picture this: your toenail starts digging into the skin, causing discomfort. You might dismiss it at first, but beware! If ignored, it can turn into a painful mess. Yep, we're talking about ingrown toenails.

Identifying ingrown toenails isn't rocket science. Here are the telltale signs:

  • Pain, redness, and swelling around the nail.

  • Increased sensitivity, especially in snug footwear or after a clumsy toe-banging episode.

  • Sometimes, the nail can even break the skin, leading to bleeding.

  • Keep an eye out for that extra skin and fluid buildup around the nail. It's a clear indicator of trouble brewing.

  • And if things escalate, an infection might rear its ugly head. That means more swelling, more redness, and possibly pus oozing out. Ouch! You might even run a fever in severe cases.

But hold up! These symptoms might mimic other conditions. When in doubt, it's best to consult a foot care expert rather than playing guessing games.

So, what triggers these pesky ingrown nails? Poor nail-cutting techniques and ill-fitting footwear take the top spots. Tight socks don't help either. And let's not forget about accidental toe stubs – they can kickstart an ingrown nail saga too.

Certain foot conditions up the risk factor. Sweaty feet soften the skin, making it easier for the nail to burrow in. And fungal infections? They can morph nails into thick, unruly beasts that love piercing skin.

Now, onto the burning question: Can you DIY ingrown toenail treatment? Well, if it's a mild case, you might give it a shot:

  • Keep those tootsies squeaky clean and dry.

  • Opt for comfy shoes that give your toes some breathing room.

  • Trim your nails straight across – no fancy angles, please.

  • If the nail's causing discomfort, dab a bit of olive oil to soften the skin, then gently push it away from the nail.

  • Soak your feet in warm, salty water to stave off infections.

  • And if it hurts like the devil, pop some over-the-counter painkillers.

But here's the golden rule: hands off the nail clippers! Trying to fix it yourself might worsen the situation. If you spot a sharp nail edge digging in, leave it to the pros.

Now, let's talk treatment. Catching the ingrown nail early is key to nipping it in the bud. Foot Health Professionals can work their magic, removing those pesky nail bits and offering relief. Plus, they'll school you on home care to keep ingrown nails at bay.

But if DIY fixes aren't cutting it, it's time for professional help. Especially if:

  • The problem won't quit.

  • Symptoms are on the rise.

  • Infection seems to be crashing the party.

Got medical conditions like diabetes? Better play it safe and seek podiatry help pronto.

So, what's the drill at your appointment? Expect:

  • A clean-up session to clear out any gunk.

  • Say goodbye to that nail spike – it's gotta go!

  • A cozy cotton cushion to keep the nail in check.

  • Some chemical wizardry to zap excess tissue growth.

  • And of course, antiseptics and dressings to keep infections at bay.

In severe cases, nail surgery might be on the cards. But fret not – it's a quick, painless procedure to bid that troublesome nail adieu.

Bottom line? Don't let ingrown nails cramp your style. Whether it's DIY tricks or professional help, tackle them head-on and strut your stuff pain-free!

If you are experiencing symptoms of an Ingrowing Toenail don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team for expert care on 01706 395984


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